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One of the things that drew us to choose Barbee Lux in the first place was her aggressive, "get-it-done" approach to finding what we were looking for in a home! We knew the market was very competitive, and we needed someone who would work hard to pursue any opportunity that arose. Her willing and proactive work in contacting a realtor about a house already under contract and then following up with her later is what got us into our home! Thanks to Barbee for all her careful efforts to learn exactly what we wanted and then to present that to the seller in a very convincing and helpful manner. We always appreciated the phone calls and emails that kept us up to date on everything that was going on, and we were grateful that she consistently made sure we were feeling good about things. We truly felt like Barbee did everything and more that we asked, and in the end, we made a new friend!

Joe and Janelle Fuentes

My husband Kevin and I found Barbee and her team through Dave Ramsey's endorsed local providers and couldn't have been happier with our luck in being connected with someone who truly does treat you like family. First off I submitted our information for a recommendation on the Dave Ramsey website, and as soon as I was opening the email that I got with the recommended realtors (a matter of maybe 5 seconds) Barbee was on the phone and calling me to find out how she could help us. It was this quick response time as well as the fact that she treated us like family (like we mattered) that we decided to go with DeLUX Team Realty. I had several realtors that called and wrote us off saying that we owed too much to sell at the time we were looking and that they wouldn't be able to help us sell. Barbee took the time out of her Sunday to come to our house, talk to us, walk though our house, and gave us the numbers that we were looking at. At the time we would have had to come to the table with money so we decided to wait but the fact that she came to our house, treated us like we mattered, and walked us through the numbers showing us she truly cared how this would financially affect our family and that we weren't just a bottom line to her. About 6 months later we gave her a call and she re-ran the numbers for us, showing that the market had turned around and that it was a good time for us to sell. She and her team came over to the house and gave very honest advice on what we needed to store to make it look show ready and sell as quickly as possible. I can't stop talking about Barbee whenever someone is talking about buying or selling a home. If you want someone who will go the extra mile for you and treat you like family, you will want to go with Barbee and DeLUX Team Realty.

Kevin and Jenny Suchey