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What Clients Are Saying

When we needed to move from Denver to the DC area, we first contacted Barbee, who had earlier taken an hour or two of her time to stop by and help us figure out what we needed to do to get our house marketable fully a year before we were ready to sell. Her donation of that time and expertise spoke volumes of her desire to not just sell houses but to educate with a teacher's heart. When we needed to sell, she gently but firmly guided us through the process and worked tirelessly on our behalf. I truly think she doesn't sleep. No matter the time of day, our questions and concerns were quickly answered, and even after we had relocated to VA, Barbee continued to be an advisor during our new home search, as an expert with no "skin in the game" other than our relationship with her. She's an amazing asset!

Bret Wortman

We have had a great experience with DeLUX Team Realty. They responded immediately after we signed up to meet an ELP. They have treated us great and made tons of time for us. We never felt pressured and we found the place we have been looking for in about three days. I would highly recommend them to anybody.

Robert Bautista