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What Clients Are Saying

Our experience with Barbee and the DeLUX Team during the purchase of our home was amazing. We were moving from out-of-state and knew very little of the Denver Area. Barbee was very helpful in explaining the market situation and had very useful recommendations when looking at homes. Barbee was definitely an advocate for us and not only made us feel like family, but also was always available to organize things, set up appointments, etc. An example was when we were going to house showings that Barbee had organized. She, knowing we had two young children, gave us a basket of snacks, toys and water when she first met us. Barbee was always doing little things like this, that really helped in the home buying process. 

The market when we bought a house was an extreme seller’s market and Barbee arranged for us to put an offer on a house that we were unable to see initially. Since the house had multiple offers, she advocated for our offer by being upfront, honest, and ten steps ahead of other real estate agents. We were able to purchase the home, even though our offer was not the highest bid.

We had previously bought and sold a house in another state and felt as though the real estate agent did surprisingly little for the amount of commission made. However, Barbee was so helpful, knowledgeable and did a great job of finding out what we wanted/needed in a house; I would definitely say she earned her commission (and then some!) on the sale and our extreme gratitude in making it happen. We would absolutely use Barbee and the DeLUX team again!

Jay and Jennifer Thompson

When we needed to move from Denver to the DC area, we first contacted Barbee, who had earlier taken an hour or two of her time to stop by and help us figure out what we needed to do to get our house marketable fully a year before we were ready to sell. Her donation of that time and expertise spoke volumes of her desire to not just sell houses but to educate with a teacher's heart. When we needed to sell, she gently but firmly guided us through the process and worked tirelessly on our behalf. I truly think she doesn't sleep. No matter the time of day, our questions and concerns were quickly answered, and even after we had relocated to VA, Barbee continued to be an advisor during our new home search, as an expert with no "skin in the game" other than our relationship with her. She's an amazing asset!

Bret Wortman